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Ceiling Fan Forward & Reverse function

by Sense N Bedeck on March 27, 2017

Recently there have been many customer coming over to our shop looking for fan that carry reverse function.

When we ask them why they are looking for such function in Singapore where our climate are hot and humid, they just say that they saw on the internet or salesman from other shop told them it good to have when using air-con for circulation.

Please don't be fooled, there is no reason for fan in Singapore to have this function as our weather are always hot or warm, those function are meant for country that have winter to avoid cold air to blow directly onto you.

The only reason those salesman will tell you to get or need fan with this function for air-con is just so they can jack up the price of the ceiling fan similar to how other product can sell something similar in the guise of "new function"

For circulation with air-con just turn on the fan like normal when you on your air-con and turn it off when the room start to feel cooling. If you want to sleep with air-con on you can just adjust the temperature on your air-con and the fan strength to your liking.

There no need to spend more on fan that will carry this function, it will be a plus if the fan you like have this function but remember in Singapore it not a must.  

P.S most D.C fan do carry this function already