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How to care for your ceiling fans (Part 2)

by Sense N Bedeck on February 20, 2017

For those who have missed out on How to Care for your Ceiling Fans (Part 1), please click here

Alrighty, picking up from where we last left off, here are a few more tips on keeping your ceiling fans at its best. 

TIP 4: Keep all documents related to your fans


Actually, this applies to all home furnitures. Be it credit card receipts, invoice slips or instruction manuals, (be kiasu a bit and) KEEP THEM ALL. Different companies file and keep track of their business transactions differently, so a warranty card would rarely suffice in tracing purchase details. Retaining all of your documents would help to speed up the servicing process for both you and the service center. 

TIP 5: Read your instruction manual

You might be thinking "Pfft, what do I need my instruction manual for? My contractor installed my fan for me anyway." Well, that is when you are wrong. 

Ceiling fans may all look the same (with their UFO-shaped motor rotating four or five long thin fan blades). But as the different designs for the fans vary, the caring tip for them differ as well. And all of these caring tips will be included in your fan's instruction manual. 

Let's use Rega brand's ceiling fans (Yes, we are promoting our in-house brand a little. Teehee) as a quick example. Rega's 788 series fans are manufactured differently. 788 48" uses laminated wooden fan blades while 28" and 38" ceiling fans are made of ABS (Or more commonly known as acrylic/plastic). This would mean the methods for cleaning the fans are different.  After all, you would not use the same soap to shampoo your hair and wash your face, right? 

And so, that's all for some suggestions to care well for your ceiling fans. If you would like to know the best ways to clean them, click here.

See you real soon!

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