Acorn DC-159 (40"/52")

  • $359.00

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Acorn Intaglio DC-159 series, a highly energy saving DC Fan built with innovative DC motor. The design theme is sleek and simple, crafted with 3 x ABS acrylic blades. Built-in with 22W LED-RGB lightkit (LED Version).  The genius pairing remote control support up to 6 speeds with features like timer, natural wind and forward-reverse functionality. Total 3 colors choice: Matte-Black (BK), Matte-White (WH) and Wooden (WD). Size at 1320mm (52″) or 1016mm( 40") is perfect for space such as Living Hall, Dining Area, Bedroom etc.

Fan Built to Natural Comfort!

52" LED Product Specification


52" LED Product Dimension

40" LED Product Specification

40" LED Light Product Dimension

52" No Light Product Specification


52" No Light Product Dimension


Remote Control Specification