Cornell Multi-point Water Heater

  • $290.00

What is a Multi-point water heater?

Multi-point is a new feature adding to instant water heaters that support the usage of hot water of two bathrooms in the same apartment or house. Unlike storage tank water heaters that are bulky and less ideal to fit into normal HDB bathrooms, Multi-point water heaters come in compact sizing that can easily be mounted onto any wall or even under kitchen sinks! 

Another varying factor between storage tank water heater and Multi-point water heater (aside from their sizes) is the time it takes for water to heat up. Storage tank water heater would take a couple of minutes while Multi-point water heater only takes seconds! The best water heater for a working couple on every weekday morning. 



  • High quality UK technology heating element with UL approval standard
  • Upgraded anti-scalding thermal safety design
  • Built-in auto water flow-sensor device switch
  • Suitable for high and low water pressure
  • Splash Proof Protection IP25
  • Electronic control





Nett Dimension:    (L) 248 x (W) 155 x (D) 83 mm

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