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Difference between AC and DC motor ceiling fans. (Which is better?)

by Sense N Bedeck on January 20, 2019

Right now in Singapore market there are AC and DC motor ceiling fans available. Most of our customers only know to find DC fan because they either heard it from friends, family members or even sales staff that DC fan is more energy efficient/saving. But due to the price range they contemplate whether if DC fan is really worth the price.

But first we will talk about AC motor ceiling fans, they are our run of the mill ceiling fans since back in the days. 
• Usually cheaper  (Normal design range)
• Flexible accessories (Regulator (Wall speed control), remote control and pull switch) (Depend on model) 
• Their parts tend to be easier to find
• Have more design available to choose from
• Due to motor size fan usually look bigger

Now for DC motor ceiling fans
• Tend to be more expensive (Depend on model)
• Local fan all only come with remote control (Accessories price varies and might not be available)
• Parts will have to refer back to agent
• Design will look more sleek and compact due to motor size
• Have up to 6 - 9 speed control (Depend on model)
• All fan come with Forward/Reverse function (Not necessary for Singapore) (Click "Here" to see why)


Although we say DC fans are more energy efficient that do not mean that AC fan consume a lot of energy as AC fan even in highest setting will consume less than 100 watts which is nothing compare to most of your home appliance.


There is no right or wrong answer as each fan come with their own pros and cons. Our advice will be to get the fan that within you price range or go for the design that you like if your budget allow you to splurge more. (You do not want to look at the fan one day and wonder why you spend so much on a fan that you do not like.)


If you're having a hard time choosing the right fan for you don't worry as you can drop by our showroom where our experience sales staff will be there to help you out and to give you advice while at the same time you can shop through our extensive products on display. (Click "Here" to visit us)