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Haiku L Series (44
Haiku L Series (44
Haiku L Series (44
Haiku L Series (44
Haiku L Series (44

    Haiku L Series (44"/52"/60") Ceiling Fan


    Upgrade your home with the Haiku L Series Ceiling Fan, a sleek and stylish addition to any room. With its contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, the Haiku L Series combines form and function to provide exceptional comfort and efficiency.

    Key Features:

    1. Award-Winning Design: The Haiku L Series features a minimalist design with clean lines and high-quality materials, making it a standout piece in any modern interior. Its timeless aesthetic adds a touch of elegance to bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

    2. Energy-Efficient Motor: Equipped with an ultra-efficient motor, the Haiku L Series consumes up to 80% less energy than traditional ceiling fans, helping you save on utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy optimal airflow without compromising on energy efficiency.

    3. Silent Operation: Experience whisper-quiet performance with Haiku's Silent Motor technology. Whether you're relaxing, working, or sleeping, the Haiku L Series operates silently, providing a peaceful environment free from distracting noise.

    4. Smart Control Options: Take control of your comfort with convenient smart control options. Use the included remote control, or upgrade to Haiku's optional smart home integration for seamless control via your smartphone or voice commands.

    5. Versatile Sizing: Available in various sizes, including 52-inch and 60-inch options, the Haiku L Series can be tailored to fit rooms of different dimensions. Choose the perfect size for your space to optimize airflow and enhance comfort.

    6. Variety of Finishes: Customize your Haiku L Series fan to match your decor with a range of finishes, including sleek black, crisp white, and rich cocoa. Select the finish that best complements your space and reflects your personal style.

    Upgrade Your Space with Haiku: Elevate your home with the Haiku L Series Ceiling Fan, where modern design meets exceptional performance. Enjoy superior comfort, energy efficiency, and style with every breeze. Transform your living space today.

    Technical Specifications:

    • 44" diameter (1.1m) / 52" diameter (1.3m) / 60" diameter (1.5m)
    • Airfoils color(s): Black / White.
    • Mount: Universal Mount
    • Optional Dimmable LED Light (warm).
    • Mode Settings: 7-Speeds, Sleep mode, Whoosh mode and timer. (come with Handheld Remote Control).

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